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Diploma in Computer Operator

A role in IT, computer operators oversee the running of computer systems, ensuring that the machines and computers are running properly.
The former role of a computer operator was to work with mainframe computers which required a great deal of management day-to-day; however, now they often work with a variety of different systems and applications. The computer operator normally works in a server room or a data center, but can also work remotely so that they can operate systems across multiple sites. Most of their duties are taught on the job, as their job description will vary according to the systems and set-up they help manage.

Benefits of Diploma in Computer Operator

A computer operator can work inside the home on the network editing domains and nets, or they can work on the road or as part of a company

Pre-requisites for Diploma in Computer Operator

Computer Basic

Duration for Diploma in Computer Operator

6 Months

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1. Fundamental of Computer
2. Operating System (DOS & Windows)
3. English & Nepali Typing with Nepali Unicode
3. MS-Word/Excel/Powerpoint/Access(Database)
4. Photoshop/InDesign/Freehand
5. Web Page Designing
6. SQL Commands
7. Database in Access
8. Basic Networking
9. Virus & Antivirus
10. Shortcut Keys and Objective Question/Answer
12. Information Technology in Nepal