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Diploma in Graphic Design

Graphics design training would take learners into the fields of computer graphics, multimedia and web design. The course is developed to impart practical knowledge in creating and manipulating words, symbols or images for effective and result-oriented visual communication.

Benefits of Diploma in Graphic Design

  • Availability of enough training materials and resources
  • Highly qualified and experienced graphics designers as instructors
  • Courses designed as per the emerging career opportunities as professional graphics designer
  • Opportunity to work as interns/trainees in reputed companies after completion of course
  • Opportunity to regularly interact with industry expert graphics designers

Pre-requisites for Diploma in Graphic Design

Computer Basic

Duration for Diploma in Graphic Design

3 Months

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  1. Concept of Graphics
  2. PageMaker 
  3. Macromedia  Freehand MX
  4. Adobe Photoshop
  5. Adobe Indesign
  6. Adobe Illustrator
  7. Corel Draw
  8. Pre-Press Work Design